The Pancake Experiment

It’s been almost half a year since I’ve written anything. Finally now that exams are over, I can have some time to breathe and relax, watching a holiday movie with a smooth masque of fresh black tea. I woke up this morning and decided to try making pancakes of my own. After reading some online recipes, I realized I am missing baking powder. However, I decided to try anyways and see if it works. To my surprise, it actually looked pancake-like! Even though I didn’t add sugar, the pancake still tasted sweet.

1. Mix milk and 2 eggs. IMG_20141223_2 2. Mix with flour and a tiny bit of salt. (Optional ingredient: butter) IMG_20141223_3 3. Use a non-sticky pan and viola! (Optional: oil the pan with coconut oil) IMG_20141223_5 4. Have some sweet, refreshing berries alongside the pancake :) IMG_20141223_6

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