The Old Phoenix

Fenghuang — A Town Frozen in Time

As we were heading towards one of the famous historic sites, we asked the driver how their way of living is. Interestingly, she told us that they make around 3000 yuan (~$430) a month and life is very relaxing here. The majority of the people here are part of a minority group called Miaozu, an interesting ethnic identity with their own distinct dances and fashion. Coming from a large city, I cannot imagine living with only $430 a month and still being carefree, but the people here care more about enjoying life than making money. While the rest of the world is experiencing crazy inflations, the medical costs here are very affordable, to say the least.

After a day of learning their heritage and singing their songs, we went to their folk performance at night. The roads were in a very bad condition and the bus was swaying violently from left to right as we went up the mountain. I was terrified of falling off the edge but the leaders raised our spirit by teaching us their song. At the end of the performance, there was an auction for needle paintings but we ended up being outbid. The night market was vibrant. Even though it was way past midnight, the town seemed more alive than the day.


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