The Perils of Photography

I’ve always been a city person. It’s not that I don’t love the waving trees and the flowing streams, with birds singing in the background… It’s the mosquitoes and bees that scare me. Today I decided to go on an expedition, all geared up with long sleeves and pants and a bottle of anti insect spray… ready to embrace the Mother Nature. Sadly the evil mosquitoes still got to me. Before I ran back into my hiding place, I still captured a few good moments to cherish.

The flowers are quite beautiful. I am not a fan of flowers with big petals like roses (with the exception of sunflowers). My favourites are ones with small petals and primary colours. They speak to me with a simple and naive quality. The big ones are too showy and extravagant.

1 2 3 456 7 8

Every time I tried to get a close shot of the heart of the flowers, I got circled by all sorts of buzzing creatures. Wild mosquitoes are so much worse than city ones. My theory is that they don’t see humans as often and are much hungrier…

I think the most exciting part has to be when I spotted a cute looking creature running through the bushes. At first I thought they were lizards but when I moved closer they turned out to be chipmunks! So I stood there motionless for 10 minutes so I can gain their trust and managed to capture some of their adorableness.


Needless to say, it was a great opportunity for mosquitoes to attack. So after spotting a weird looking tree that reminds me of the one from Harry Potter, my expedition is done. I ran back to my hiding place and counted my bites.


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