Pepper & Eggs

Hello friends! Here is my first post of a fast and easy cooking recipe when you are starving. It will take around 10 minutes including washing and cooking.

1. Wash the pepper.


2. Cut the pepper into smaller sizes.


3. Add oil to the non-sticky pan, and add the peppers. Stir if you’d like.


4. At the same time, get 2 eggs.


5. Break them into a bowl and stir.


6. When the pepper looks half cooked (softens), pour the egg into the pan. Sometimes you might need to add a tiny bit of water to the pepper if the stove temperature is too high.


7. Add some salt.

P.S. I added some peas just to make it look prettier, but it all depends on your preference.


Viola! You get both proteins and vegetables.

Feel free to let me know what you think : )

Optional: turn up the music ~ have a cooking playlist

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