The Steel City

To be honest, when I first arrived at this small town, I immediately missed the force of the big city, the exuberance and vitality it brings with its swift pace. But as the years go by, I began to realize that its tranquility, quirkiness, and serenity are another kind of beauty. It takes time to unravel its stories and get a sense of its characters. At times when I stumbled upon the rare trails of its essence, I was amazed at how little I know my new home. Webster’s Falls, for one, is the perfect place for hikers and a magical world that can take all your worries and stress away. Although it lacks the grandeur of Niagara, it never fails to stop the footsteps of its visitors, leaving them with a sense of wonderment and awe. Slowly, our town is reconstructing itself into a mini-metropolitan, while still maintaining its edge of steel.

Niagara-on-the-Lake, an hour drive from city centre.







Winter time — all the seagulls are resting.

Winter at Bayfront (Hamilton)

Winter at Bayfront (Hamilton)

The Escarpment.




Webster’s Falls.



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